Saturday, July 17, 2010


Bro-Jitsu: The Martial Art of Sibling Smackdown
by Daniel H. Wilson

Bloomsbury USA

**This review has been provided by 14-year-old guest blogger Kyle, since we peaceful chicks would never ever EVER participate in violent shenanigans against our beloved siblings. (Heh heh.)

What is it?
A complete guide to mastering the art of sibling torture.

What do we love about it?
The variety of funny detailed moves to establish dominance in the household, such as "The Terminator" and the "Chicken Wing." Also, Daniel H. Wilson completely nails the mentality of the love-hate relationships between warring siblings. Adult readers will enjoy
reminiscing about the epic Bro-Jitsu Wars of their childhood. Check out this sneak peek on youtube.

What does it remind us of?
About five minutes ago when I put my little brother in a headlock.

What is it perfect for?
Any kid who wants to get a one-up on their siblings. Or any parent who wants to know how their youngest child ends up with so many bruises.

What do we say about it?
Bro-Jitsu is a kickbutt book with funny moves anyone can enjoy!

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Andrea said...

Ha, ha. Sounds awesome! My three boys would probably like this book way too much.