Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's news with the Three Silly Chicks?

Greetings Friends!

Some of you might be asking, "Hey! What's up with the Three Silly Chicks?"

Others of you might be thinking, "Hey! What have they been doing lately?"
And, of course, all of you are wondering, "Hey! Why do people keep letting M. Night Shyamalan-a-ding-dong make movies?" Really! It's just wrong! Nothing good can come from it!

Sadly, we can not answer the third question. It remains an eternal mystery.
But we can answer the other questions. We have been taking a hiatus from blogging to do that other thing we love. No, not eating bean dip. Though we have been doing that, too.
No, folks, we're talking about writing. We have been very, very busy creating some fantastic new books and have lots more coming down the pike! (Pikes are handy fish, aren't they?)

So here they are. Our recent books. And, we'll have more soon about our upcoming books.

Just click on the covers to find out more!

More later!!!!!