Monday, July 19, 2010

In the Coop with Jeanie Franz Ransom

Jeanie Franz Ransom in her own words: I'm a children's author who speaks at schools, libraries, and conferences about the writing life. I'm also a part-time counselor and full-time Starbucks coffee geek. I have one wonderful husband, three fantastic sons, and two quirky but highly entertaining Shelties. I live near St. Louis, Missouri, but will travel anywhere I'm invited.

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First act as Dictator for Life?

Build me a Starbucks. In my backyard. Open 24/7.

What kids lit character would you like to vote off the island?

Harry Potter.

What kids lit character would you share your last twinkie with?

Trixie Belden (One of my favorite childhood book characters.)

What TV family would you like to be adopted by?

Lassie's family.

Worst job in the universe?

Anything involving math.

Dream job for a day?

Magazine editor.

Marx Brothers or Three Stooges?

Three Stooges.

Clown V. Mime Deathmatch. Pick your winner.

It'd be a tie. Definitely.

Funniest dead person you’d like to meet?

Gilda Radner.

Best use for a book shaped object? (You know, one of those things sold as books but which should never ever have been published.)

Butt cushion.


Jan Markley said...

great interview questions!

Pen and Ink said...

Hi Chicks & Jeanie-- Just saw this recently & love how funny you all are. How did you get to be so funny? On the other side, I saw you (Jeanie) have a kidlit book on divorce. Brava for tackling a tough subject. On the Pen & Ink blog, Hilde Garcia wrote an extraordinarily moving post about what book's she read as a child that kept her sane through a difficult time & made her love books & reading. We have a more important place than we realize sometimes!

Jack Foster said...

Great interview! That book lookls like a riot! Hey I'm heading down to St. Louis next week for a book signing. I LOVE your blog, chicks! You have a new follower. You guys are hilarious!!!

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