Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Three Angry Chicks

As those of you who have met us know, we are mild-mannered chicks. We are silly and full of good cheer . . . and bean dip . . . and a little salsa . . . and some really yummy cupcakes we got on sale at Trader Joe's. But mostly, we are silly.

However, today, we are not feeling silly. Why? Why, you ask?

It's because someone--some Rotten No-Goodnick Nere-do-well has done us wrong. They hijacked our e-mail address and used it to send horrible spam to unsuspecting people. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of unsuspecting people.

Now, we like spam when we go camping as much as the next chicken, but we do not think it is appropriate to send cans of spam with nasty, nasty messages through the interwebs to complete strangers. No, WE DO NOT!

We apologize to anyone who might have received such horrible messages with our name attached and want to suggest that you ignore any recommendations contained within those spam cans. We are pretty sure that following the instructions contained within them will NOT increase any of your body parts and will not help any Nigerian Princes out of catastrophic circumstances. We are sure, however, that they will annoy you and make you angry much as they have made us.

To illustrate how angry we are, we are including the following movie to show how we feel. Imagine, if you will, Three Angry Chicks pursuing a spammer. It would take more than fancy shoes for him to get away! Yeah! That'd show 'em!

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