Saturday, March 08, 2008

Big Bad Bunny

Big Bad Bunny
By Franny Billingsley
Illustrated by G. Brian Karas
Simon & Schuster
ISBN-13 9781416906018

If you didn't at least smile when you read the title Big Bad Bunny then perhaps you should take your pulse, because it's possible you are dead. Or you've broken your funny bone. Or both. Please call your doctor right away.

Award-winning novelist Franny Billingsley has put on her playful, picture-book writing hat here to write a story that is both funny and suspenseful. On the very first page readers meet Big Bad Bunny, a fearsome creature with long sharp claws and pointy yellow teeth. Big Bad Bunny ka-sploshes through rushing streams! She crashes through thick, tangly brush! Nothing can stop Big Bad Bunny!

Meanwhile Mama Mouse, who is pretty fierce herself, searches for her little Baby Boo Boo. (How much do you love the name Baby Boo Boo?) She rushes through the same rushing streams and tangly brush to find her sweet baby. Will she find Baby Boo Boo before Big Bad Bunny does?

Readers will be happily surprised to find out the true identity of Big Bad Bunny. And teachers everywhere will love making Big Bad Bunny masks with their students. G. Brian Karas's fun, whimsical style is the perfect match for this tightly-written, lively tale. Watch out, Easter Bunny! There's a Big Bad Bunny in town, and she is oh-so-funny!

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Jonas said...

I really liked the video of the chicken chasing the guy it was hilarious!!!!! Two thumbs up!