Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lulu Atlantis and the Quest for True Blue Love

Lulu Atlantis and the Quest for True Blue Love
By Patricia Martin
Schwartz & Wade Books
ISBN 13: 978-0-375-84016-6

There are many things in this world that make our fluffy yellow hearts sing. Bean dip and salsa. Dancing the Cha-Cha. Malted milk eggs with that speckled candy coating. And characters. True blue characters.

We love characters who are complete from the moment we meet them. Characters who make us feel as if we have been dropped down into their life in progress and who make us glad to be there.

Such a character is Miss Lulu Atlantis. We meet Lulu on the day her mother comes home from the hospital with her baby brother. It’s the same day Lulu decides to run away. Wouldn’t you? All that racket from her mom singing lullabies to the baby. And those horrible loud snuffly noises the baby makes when he’s sleeping. It’s more than a girl can take!

What Lulu needs is true blue love. But where to find it?

Luckily, Lulu has a true blue friend to help on her quest. Harry, the top-hat-clad spider accompanies her on her adventures, dispensing advice (which is usually ignored) and worrying about the dietary habits of some of Lulu’s other friends like Yogurt Skunk. Skunks eat spiders, don’t they?

Lulu Atlantis and the Quest for True Blue Love is a gentle, satisfying, funny read which leaves us feeling as if we have a new true blue friend of our own.

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MotherReader said...

I was just skimming down the blog, as I sometimes do, when I ran across this review again. We just got it in my library the other day, and now I'll check it out on your recommendation. It better be good. ;^)