Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mystery Guest Contest: Clue Two!

Remember folks, this contest is like a Chicago election. You can vote early and vote often. Heck, you can even vote if you are dead! Everyone else in Chicago does!

Here's Clue Number Two!

Clue Two: Our Mystery Guest has more hair than Kenny Chesney and less hair than Chewbacca (see scientific figure 172.3)

Scientific figure 172.3:

Pretty obvious who it is now, eh?


Lulu said...

Darn that second clue! I was going to guess Captain Underpants, Dr. Evil, and/or the Yeti, but I see now how wrong I was.

Hmmm. Is it Roger Sutton? He's funny, bigger than a breadbox, and also meets the hair requirement.

Terasita said...
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Terasita said...

Oh, I love contests!
Your mystery guest just has to be David Shannon!