Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mystery Guest Contest: Clue Three!

Sing along, everybody:

Mystery Guest . . .
Are you ready for our Mystery Guest?
Will he be a dream? Hmmmm?
Or a dud? Awwww!

No way our guest is a dud. No way at all!

Though we didn't think we would tell before the contest ended, we have changed our yellow brains and decided to say that no one has yet guessed our guest! Say that five times fast!

So, it's time to break out some new clues, one or two. (Typed up in blue.) We love a rhyme. Don't you?

Just post a message to enter your guesses! Contest ends on Friday!

Mystery Guest Clues:

1. Bigger than a bread box.
2. More hair than Kenny Chesney but less than Chewbacca
3. He's living (at least the last time we checked)
4. Writes AND illustrates kids' books
5. Does not write in rhyme. At least not at this time.
He's for the birds.

Good luck!


tammi said...

Jeremy Tankard???!!!

Renee said...

Mo Willems

Lisa Yee said...

Yeah, it's gotta be Mo.

Pamela said...

Oh... PLUCK!
I just wrote MO WILLEMS as my guess and response. I read 3 SILLY CHICKS as a syndicated blog via my Live Journal. My MO response was the only one there.

Then I clicked on the BLOGSPOT link and... SPLAT...

My clever response suddenly feels so... so...

pigeony. :{

Didn't Britney Spears sing this song on the VMAs the other night? Gimme Mo, Gimme Mo, Gimme Gimme....


-Pamela Ross
(The Original Knuffle Head)

Anonymous said...

Count me in for Jeremy Tankard as well!

Jen K.