Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Marcel Marceau

1923 - 2007

We are a little sad today at the coop, having just learned that Marcel Marceau has died. Here's a link to the NY Times Obituary.

It's true that we like to poke a little fun at mimes. Actually, we like to poke a lot of fun at mimes, but we do it out of love. (And because mimes, like clowns, can be a really scary sometimes.) However, there is a warm spot in our chicky hearts for Monsieur Marceau. He was a kind man dedicated to peace, a truly amazing artist, and a member of the French Resistance!

We shall think of him next time we are riding a bicycle, being buffeted by the wind, or trying to get out of a box. Things he could do better than anyone else!

Watch a video!


dink said...
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dink said...


this was lovely of you, chicks.

Todd-Michael St. Pierre said...

I Love Marcel Marceau, funny thing is I have a clown phobia even to this day, but not a mime phobia, so I never related to the jokes about them!

Merci 2-the-3 of u! Nice tribute!

Viva la Marcel!