Sunday, September 30, 2007

Iggy Peck, Architect

by Andrea Beaty
Illustrated by David Roberts
Abrams Books for Young Readers
ISBN 13: 978-0810911062

Hip! Hip! Hurray! Iggy is here!

Tomorrow morning, something very exciting is going to happen. Andrea's new book, IGGY PECK, ARCHITECT, will be released into the wild!

Iggy is born to build. And build he does. At the age of two, he builds a great
tower out of diapers and glue. Are they clean diapers? Not exactly. But, hey! When a boy's gotta build, a boy's gotta build!

Iggy has it made until he meets his match in second grade. His teacher, Miss Lila Greer, has a lot to say about architecture. She has issues. (She was scarred for life when she was lost in a skyscraper as a young girl and found by a French Circus Troupe. It was tres tragique.)

When she bans Iggy from building, it turns second grade into a bore. But one catastrophic field trip turns everything around when Iggy proves to the world that "there are worse things to do, when you're in grade two, than to spend your time building a dream!"

This book has it all. dirty diapers, a wacko neighbor, cool buildings, and fun, funny, funky, fabulous illustrations by David Roberts. He rocks! You can check out some of the pics here.

We hope you'll stop by Andrea's website in a couple of weeks. She's planning lots of cool school activities and helpful downloads for teachers, librarians, and booksellers. It will take her that long to get them done, though, because she's too busy right now celebrating by chowing down on bean dip, salsa, and chips and doing the cha-cha with a chicken on her head! It's so wrong. So terribly, terribly wrong.

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Anne L. said...

Hey Andrea:

It was so much fun meeting you over the weekend at the fabulous kidlit conference. It's nice to meet people who don't question my obsession with picture books (other than my kids, who don't know any better).

Good luck with Iggy! I can't wait to get my review copy.