Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Piano Piano

Piano Piano
Written by Davide Cali
Illustrated by Eric Heliot
ISBN 9781580891712

Any child or chick who's ever been forced to take piano lessons will not only marvel at the tragicomic tour de force that is Piano Piano, but will immediately be tempted to send a copy to her well-meaning yet strongly misguided mother who made her practice the piano every day for YEARS, driving everyone within earshot to great despair and needless misery. (But we digress.)

In Piano Piano, young Marcolino would rather be anything other than the grand pianist his mother wishes him to be: "a grand pirate...a grand flying acrobat...a grand karate champion...anything but a grand pianist!" But taskmaster Mom lays a guilt trip on him big time. When Marcolino asks her why she doesn't become a grand pianist, she blames him: "...after you were born, I didn't have time to practice." Ouch! It takes a little talk with Grandpa and a few old photos before Mom sees the error of her ways and cuts Marcolino some well-deserved slack. While Davide Cali's text pokes fun at the mother, it's done in a loving and forgiving way, while Eric Heliot's sharp, modern illustrations heighten the humor in all the right ways. A perfect composition!

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