Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Dog Needs A Bone

A Dog Needs a Bone
Written and Illustrated by Audrey Wood
The Blue Sky Press
ISBN-10 054500005X

One silly chick couldn't believe her luck when she passed a book on the bookstore shelves that featured a PUG and was written and illustrated by the fabulous Audrey Wood. Swoon City! True, she had to push aside a few pesky four year-olds who naively thought the book was for them. But honestly, that's what they get for standing in the way of a Chick on a Mission.

The persistent Pug in this tale wants just one thing--a bone, goshdarnnit! He will gladly sweep floors, answer phones and treat his mistress like a queen on a throne, all for a simple bone. We can relate. The three silly chicks have been known to do all that and then some for a scoop of Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce.

We love that Audrey Wood created these illustrations with crayons on brown paper bags. What could be easier than to have kids make their own books using these materials? Kids will also love finding all the bones hidden on each page.

Not only does Audrey Wood own two Pugs, she also has 20 chickens. Paging Audrey Wood! We want a chicken book, please!

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