Friday, August 31, 2007



by Professor Potts

David Fickling Books
ISBN-13: 978-0-385-75119-3

It's a funny thing about non-fiction picture books. They usually aren't very funny. But now and then, a book shows up that tickles our funny bones and teaches us just a little bit, too.

Uneversaurus is just that kind of book. Okay, we must admit that were a little slow to get the title (You-never-saw-us!). We thought it was the actual name of a chick-eating dinosaur, but we are small birds with glasses and are a paranoid about things that eat small birds with glasses.

Kids will be drawn to this book's cool cover with an eye that changes to a dinosaur and will giggle over the funny illustrations and comments from the two narrating dinosaurs. All the while, readers will learn some important scientific concepts. How do scientists use clues to figure out what dinosaurs really looked like? How would environment, predators, prey, gender and age affect how they (The dinosaurs, not the scientists) looked? Did old dinosaurs wear false teeth and use canes?

Uneversaurus is a book both serious and silly! Great for art classes and science classes alike!

Dear Readers: What are your favorite funny non-fiction books? Enquiring minds (and Silly Chicks) want to know!

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