Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich
Written and Illustrated by Adam Rex

Harcourt, Inc.

September, 2006
ISBN: 0152057668

FRANKENSTEIN MAKES A SANDWICH is an uproariously funny poetry collection about the pesky little problems that monsters face each day. When Frankenstein decides to borrow deli slices from his neighbors to make a sandwich, they pick up their pitchforks and chase him out of town. They throw rotten tomatoes and loaves of moldy bread. Voila! A perfect sandwich! When the poor Phantom of the Opera tries to create a new song, he can’t get "It’s a Small World After All" out of his head. (Can't you just hear it now?) Wolfman’s dog is sick and tired of his master clawing at the door and leaving globs of hair in the tub. And the Invisible Man? Well, he can’t seem to get a decent haircut. The silly barber keeps cutting off the wrong parts. Such problems!

The best way to share this wonderful read-aloud is by pouring over the illustrations with a fiend. Each spread is a loving ode to a different illustrator. Careful readers will notice some unlikely influences, like Charles Schultze (Snoopy’s skeleton makes an appearance on page 33), Richard Scarry and Norman Rockwell. (Could that be Tony DiTerlizzi’s pug on page 13?) Be sure to read all the fine print—you’ll find some of the funniest jokes half-hidden in the illustrations.

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