Saturday, May 08, 2010

Potty Animals

Potty Animals: What to Know When You've Gotta Go
Written by Hope Vestergaard, illustrated by Valeria Petrone Sterling Press
ISBN 9781402759963

What is it?

A poetry book! A funny book! A book about bathroom etiquette! This book has it all! Each poem covers an aspect of bad potty behavior-- from not flushing to leaving the door open-- using adorable preschool critters.

What do we love about it?

How it manages to discuss proper etiquette while being fun at the same time. Our favorite poem is about Helga, who is a lollygagger:

Sometimes she's having daydreams
sometimes she's reading books

Sometimes she's at the mirror
perfecting funny looks.

We do that too, Helga!

What does it remind us of?

That perhaps we've had one too many cups of coffee...

What is it perfect for?

Give this to anyone who is learning how to be a good potty animal. We actually think most teenage boys could use it. Put it in a conspicuous reading spot. where might that be?

What do we say about it?

We give it five flushes!


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