Monday, October 26, 2009

The Messiest Desk

The Messiest Desk
A Three Silly Chick's Pick
Written and illustrated by Marty Kelley
Zino Press
ISBN: 978-1-55933-319-1

What is it?

An adventure story of sorts about a boy named Benjamin Putt who gets sucked into his very messy desk.

What do we love about it?

Oh geez, let's see, could it be the moldy, dripping, rotten fruit? The twelve gooey wads of chewed up gum? The...underwear? We think kids will howl with laughter when they hear the list of gunky, gooey, icky, ooey stuff that's in this desk. And, well, there is also a burp. Could it be any more kid friendly?

What does it remind us of?

Our own desks.

What is it perfect for?

A rowdy, gross-out story time! The rhyme makes it extra fun to read aloud.

What do we think?

Read this with Kelly DiPucchio's Mrs. McBloom, Clean Up Your Classroom! and our very own Carolyn's Boris and Bella (featuring a messy monster named Bella Legrossi) and then go mess something up!


Peaceful Reader said...

I have Boris and Bella in my library and right now is the perfect time of year to be reading it aloud. This new one sounds like a lot of messy fun! Thanks for the review!

Marty said...

Yay! They liked it!!!
Thanks so much, chicks. I'm truly terribly, terribly sorry that it reminds you of your own desks.
Please be careful!!
In the first draft of the book, Benjamin never returned...