Monday, November 02, 2009

In the Coop with Mac Barnett

Three Silly Things About Mac Barnett:

1. He reads to sheep. We like this.

2. He often wears a cap that reminds us of one
of our favorite books, Caps for Sale.

3. He is ticklish.
Go ahead, tickle him. And then go check out his fantastically silly books.

The Interview:

First act as Dictator for Life? Dictator for Life means years and years for baroquely selfish decrees. So I'd probably start off by ordering a nice sandwich. It's hard to have an iron fist on an empty stomach.

What kids lit character would you like to vote off the island?
In the interest of diplomacy, I'm keeping away from literature and axing Scrappy Doo.

What kids lit character would you share your last twinkie with?

Papa Snap. He seems like he'd be into Twinkies.

What TV family would you like to be adopted by?
I wouldn't mind being Maxwell Smart's son.

Worst job in the universe?
In the whole universe? I'd answer this question if it hadn't blown my mind.

Dream job for a

My dreams rarely involve jobs.

Marx Brothers or Three Stooges?
I feel bad for the Three Stooges. I've just perused a random sample of this blog's interviews: Everybody picks the Marx Bros. How smart! Well, my mom taught me to love an underdog, so I'm going to swoop in like King Moonracer and take the Stooges to an island, where we will all laugh and laugh. Even Shemp.

Clown V. Mime Deathmatch. Pick your winner.
See, here's the thing. When the Deathmatch is over--and now the lights are on and the crowd is gone and some teenager is wiping down the arena's plastic seats--the victor, still sitting, stunned, in a corner of the Battle Cage, will realize what "winning" really means. It doesn't matter whether you're a clown or a mime: Nobody wins in a Deathmatch.

Funniest dead person you’d like to meet?
Whoever lost that Deathmatch.

Best use for a book shaped object? (You know, one of those things sold as books but which should never ever have been published.)
Hollow out a hole in the middle of it and store your secrets inside.

More info about Mac:
Interview with Mac at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

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Rena said...

A man who reads to sheep? Excellent. I think there is a book in that.