Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Dunderheads

A Three Silly Chicks' Pick

The Dunderheads
by Paul Fleischman
Illustrated by David Roberts
Candlewick Press
Ages 6-8
ISBN 978-0-7636-2498-9

What is it?
A short illustrated novel in which a rag-tag but multi-talented squad of kids set out to retrieve their treasures from their horrible teacher, Miss Breakbone. And yes, her name says it all! Oh yeah. And did we mention she has an alligator purse? With legs and a snout???? She is BAAAAAAD.

What do we love about it?
The comedy, of course! This is the perfect pairing of Paul Fleischman's humor and David Roberts' funky, smart retro style. This book has it all: gizmos, maps, and a truly wicked villainess! Oh how we love to hate her. Move over Miss Trunchbull! There's a new mighty muscular meanie in town.

What does it remind us of?
This reminds us of all our favorite heist flicks rolled into one with a good dose of Roald Dahlishness tossed in for good measure.

What is it perfect for?
This one is perfect for any kid who ever got into trouble at school and didn't deserve it. (And dreamed of getting even!)

What do we think?
The Dunderheads is smart, sassy, classy and wicked good fun!

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