Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monkey with a Toolbelt and a Noisy Problem

A Three Silly Chicks' Pick

Monkey with a Toolbelt & a Noisy Problem
by Chris Monroe
Carolrohda Books
ISBN: 978-0822592471

What is it?
The further adventures of our favorite handyman monkey. Or is that Handy Monkey? We've always thought having a monkey around would be handy! When Chico Bon Bon hears a strange sound in his house, he sets out to investigate. When he finally finds the source of the noise, he jumps into action with the tools at his disposal (or in his belt as the case may be). And that is saying something!

What do we love about it?
First, we love saying Chico Bon Bon. It usually makes us dance around the house. Of course, we love any monkey who has a plug wrench, a lug wrench AND a pug wrench. (And knows how to use them!)

What does it remind us of?
It reminds us of one of our VERY favorite funny books ever: MONKEY IN A TOOLBELT!

What it's perfect for?
Anyone who knows the difference between their needle nose pliers and their nose. And anyone who doesn't. This book is just plain fun.

What do we think?
We can't wait to see what our favorite handymonkey does next. We LOVE Chico Bon Bon!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Chico Bon Bon really is fun to say, isn't it?

This looks like just the sort of book my four-year-old son will love.