Friday, March 21, 2008

Monkey with a Tool Belt

Monkey with a Tool Belt
by Chris Monroe

Carolrhoda Books

ISBN: 978-0-8225-7631-0

We love monkeys. We especially love funky monkeys. But give us a funky monkey with a tool belt, and we go ape!
Enter Chico Bon Bon--an extra cool funky monkey with a tool belt. Here are some of Chico's tools: Screwdriver, nut driver, nutcracker, squeegee, ouija, planer, strainer, grease container, bungee hammer, scrunchy hammer, monkey wrench, turkey wrench, and donkey wrench. And what's more, Chico Bon Bon doesn't just have these tools, he knows how to use them, too.

Every day, he fixes something or creates something for his friends. Until one day, he is trapped by a nefarious organ-grinder whose old monkey, Bobo, had run away with the help of several circus tigers. Hey! Tigers are sneakier than they look!

Fortunately for Chico (and us), the organ-grinder doesn't notice Chico's tool belt. The clever monkey uses all his wits (and tools) to escape and save the day. Otherwise, how could he live to have another adventure, which we certainly hope he does. (Hint, hint, Mr. Publisher!)
We love the very detailed but cartoonish illustrations which reveal new jokes and silliness at every viewing. We especially love the maze-like scene in which the organ-grinder takes Chico on a long-long ride over hill and dale and through the city. (Think of a funky-monkey-Richard-Scarry kind of trip.)

Monkey with a Tool Belt is a book kids will enjoy mightily. It's all that and a banana hammer!

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