Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Day Six of NaPiBoWriWee

At this point in the week we kind of sort of hate picture books and everything that has to do with picture books. This includes:

Writing utensils

We don’t know why, we just hate walruses today.

But we will keep on keeping on! Just two more picture books to go! We’re in the final stretch! People are handing us cups of water as we limp towards the finish line hugging our pens and notebooks to our chests and gasping for air!

In the spirit of NaPiBoWriWee, try writing about a contest today. See if you can include the above picture somehow, or try using two of these words on the first page:



Paula Yoo said...

HAHAHAHAAH I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING AT TODAY'S BLOG!!!!! Thanks so much for your prompts and helping out our fellow PiBo's in our collective misery on Day 6. LOL. xo Paula

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you today, ladies!

I don't know how Paula has kept going this week with all of her daytime work, blogging, website maintenance, writing, etc etc.

But at this moment, I am STUCK STUCK STUCK and not having any fun!

Three Silly Chicks said...

Oh no Chelle! Don't stop now! You're almost there!

StinkyLulu said...

Thanks so much, 3SillyChicks.

I was totally flat without inspiration for #6 (on Day7 - eeps) and the line "We just hate walruses today" kicked me into the inspiration zone for what turned out to be a very sweet anti-bullying story ("We Don't Like Walruses!"). But don't worry, the villains are three bunnies, not three chicks.

Thanks thanks thanks.

Three Silly Chicks said...

We're here to please! The title sounds great!