Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Day Five of NaPiBoWriWee

Do you hate Paula Yoo as much as we do now? Why did we ever agree to go on this odd odyssey with her? Are we nuts? Is she?

Unfortunately, we’re in too deep now, Peeps. Onward!

Today’s “assignment” is to poke through old family albums. Look at the pictures and try to remember how you felt when the photos were taken. Think back to those important moments in your life—first day of kindergarten, first lost tooth, first time you tied your own shoes. See if you can craft one of your memories into a story.

Really think about the child you were. What did you love to do? Did you play with dolls or make tree houses? What did you love to read? Write for that child. You'd be surprised at how many stories are lurking in your own childhood.

Or brainstorm a list of:

Favorite toys you played with as a child
Favorite foods
Favorite games
Favorite (and least favorite!) teachers
Favorite pets

See if you can base a story on something from one of your favorites list.

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