Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We've Got Our Eye on These Peeps

We chicks like to think that we can predict the future. For instance, we know it will snow again in the Chicagoland area this spring and we know that by the end of the April we will have eaten 25 leftover chocolate bunnies between us. We think we're downright spooky. So our readers should listen to us when we say that the following children's book authors and illustrators, who all have fewer than 4 books, will be BIG BIG BIG, and not from chocolate bunnies. No, these peeps will win BIG awards and make BIG speeches at ALA and possibly even ride a BIG float in the Macy's Day Parade.

We're talking BIG, and you heard it here first.

Antoinette Portis is Not a Stick or a Box or a Penguin. But she's a really cool author-illustrator.

Bob Shea
is all that and then some. Really.

Let's not forget the fabulous Jan Thomas, who wonders about things like, "What Will Fat Cat Sit On?" The strange thing is, we've been wondering that ourselves.

These are our current picks. Let us know who you think is a real up-and-comer!


Dianne said...

I heartily agree with you! Might I suggest one more for your list? Greg Foley. While I'm not as fond of his latest book, his "Bear" books (Thank You, Bear, Good Luck Bear, etc.) are wonderful. He's definitely an artist/illustrator to watch.

Infant Bibliophile said...

I just left an "award" for you on our blog (

Wendie O said...

I know you reviewed Chicken Cheeks when it came out, but did you know that Erica Perl (author) and Henry Cole (illustrator) have a book that came out this April called Chicken Butt? Although I haven't read it myself yet, just by the title I thought it might be something the Three Silly Chicks might be interested in.

Whether it is award-worthy or not remains to be seen, but it's certainly peep-worthy.

-wendie Old

Three Silly Chicks said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments! Dianne, we heart Greg Foley. Infant, thank you for our Award! And Wendy, keep your eyes peeled to this site!

Wendie O said...

Oh good.
Henry Cole is one of my favorite illustrators and I have to say that I immediately thought of you three when I saw the title, 'Chicken Cheeks.'

-wendie O

vanessa said...

We just read Not a Box and Not a Stick--my two year old loved them both! Thanks for the suggestion!