Friday, February 13, 2009

Wordless Wonders

We love words. That's probably a very good thing since we are, after all, writers. Fluffy yellow writers with a jones for bean dip, true. But writers nonetheless.

However, we have decided that the problem with words is that they make you want to flip the page to find out what happens next. That's what they are supposed to do and it's a wonderful thing, don't get us wrong. But sometimes, we want to enjoy a book so slowly that we forget to turn the page. We love books that invite us to pour over the illustrations at a snail's pace, taking in and savouring each and every picture like a treasure map. Full of possibility and excitement and intrigue.

We Chicks have personally spent hours (okay years) of our chickie lives analyzing that dog party in GO DOG GO and trying to decide how we would spend our time if we were lucky enough to be invited. (Still waiting for that invite, btw, Mr. P.D. Eastman. And NO, being dead is not an excuse.) In case you're wondering, we are torn between between playing on the trampoline, eating cake and being shot from the cannon.)

But we digress . . .

The point is this. We love books with intricate, detail-filled illustrations that carry the narrative with a minimum of words or even without any words at all. We call them wordless wonders. (We were going to call them Usually Wordless Wonders but that wasn't catchy.) And it's true that GO DOG GO doesn't really qualify because learning to read the words is the point of the book, but you get the idea. And truly, we love that picture! It has cannons AND cake!

So, here are some of our favorites Wordless Wonders. What are yours?

by Marc Rosenthal
Joanna cotler Books
ISBN: 978-0060752484

A bored (and thus by our definition a boring) kid complains that nothing exciting ever happens. Of course, in his bad mood, he kicks a can into the air and yells, "Phooey!"

The can hits a sleeping cat which freaks out and gets chased by a dog into a zoo. The mahem includes pirates, elephants, keystone cops, housepainters, and pie throwing.

Where is the Cake?
by T.T. Khing
Abrams Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 978-0-8109-1798-9
A cake thief sends everyone hunting through the woods, over hills, and hither and yon. Read our previous review here.

And tomorrow, we'll tell you about our new favorite wordless wonder! See you then!

Sunday ...

Book reviewed from abrams about the cake

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