Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where is the Cake?

Where is the Cake?
by T.T. Khing
Abrams Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 978-0-8109-1798-9

It's sad but true. Sometimes, Silly Chicks have short attention sp . . .

Every now and then, we enjoy a super fast read. And what could be faster than reading a book without words? As it turns out, reading a book with words! At least that's the case when the book without words is the newly translated picture book called WHERE IS THE CAKE? by T.T. Khing. This title was originally published in Dutch as "Waar is de Taart?" (You don't really need to know that. We just like saying, "Waar is de Taart?")

This book contains two of our favorite things: Cake and looking for cake. Two very odd, possum-like creatures steal a cake from the dog family and high-tail it through an ever-changing landscape of dense forests, bamboo jungles, strange rock formations and mountains. Readers must track the mischievous marsupials and, of course, the cake. Easier said than done! Each maze-like page is filled with tiny exotic creatures, each on their own adventure. Why is the baby bunny wailing? Is that snake stalking the young piglet? Is that a chameleon sitting in the wet paint? Each frame introduces new characters and clues that will have kids (and adults) flipping pages back and forth with delight trying to figure out what is going on! It's enough to make you forget all about cake! Well . . . almost. WHERE IS THE CAKE? is simply a treat for book lovers of any age.

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