Thursday, January 01, 2009

Timothy and the Strong Pajamas

Timothy and the Strong Pajamas
written and illustrated by Viviane Schwarz
Arthur Levine Books
ISBN 0545033299

We think this book is especially appropriate for a day when we Three Silly Chicks have decided to stay in our pajamas all day and eat bean dip. Making New Year's resolutions makes us soooo tired. Thank goodness for cozy bedtime stories featuring Super Strong Pajamas and sock monkeys!

Timothy Smallbeast isn't big and he isn't strong. Every night he puts on his pajamas, drinks his fortified milk, does his exercises and thinks STRONG thoughts. Alas, no matter how hard he tries, he stays small and weak. But all that exercising is tough on his pjs. His mom comes to the rescue and fixes them with extra strong thread. In fact, Timothy's mom fixes them so well they are now Super Strong Pajamas! Timothy and his best friend Monkey use the pajamas to perform all sorts of heroic acts, like saving elephant ladies, zookeepers, kittens, and sailors. It seems there's absolutely nothing Timothy can't do when he's in his Super Strong Pajamas. Then one day Timothy rips them while trying to pull his friend Monkey out from under a very large bear. Uh oh! How will Timothy be able to save his friend without his Super Strong Pajamas?

Newcomer Viviane Schwarz has written and illustrated a fast-paced, kid-pleasing super hero tale that is destined to be read on Pajama Days in schools across the country. Serve it up with fortified milk and extra-tough cookies!

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