Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Carolyn Crimi!

Hey Everybody! We hope you will join us in wishing our dear friend and silliest of chicks, Carolyn Crimi, a fine, fluffy and feathery birthday! And since the Coop is full of wonderful snacks and treats from so many Honorary Silly Chicks, it's time for us to have a party! Chicken Dancing for all!

It has been a great year in the Coop and we hope you've enjoyed hanging out with us. Thank you to everyone who took time to donate to Heifer International and made a difference! Here's to a wondrous New Year of Books and Bean Dip shared with Our Fine Feathered Friends everywhere!

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Kenn Nesbitt said...

Happy Birthday, Carolyn!! I'll have some cake in your honor. :-)