Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa Duck

Santa Duck
by David Milgrim


ISBN: 978-0399250187

Worried about "another year of socks and underwear" under the tree, Nicholas Duck sets off to find Santa so he can tell him what he really wants for Christmas this year. But on his way out the door, he finds a surprise: someone has left him a Santa hat. Pleased by the gift, he dons the cozy warm hat and sallies forth, until he's stopped by a persistent chicken (bock!), who starts to tell "Santa Duck" what he would like for Chistmas. Soon after, a cat, turtle, squirrel, rabbit and a gang of other excited animals rattle off their (hilariously detailed and extravagant) Christmas wish lists. Duck thinks they've all gone bonkers and runs far away, straight into the real Santa Claus. "No way!" Duck says. "Way," says Santa. Duck tells Santa what all the other animals want, but forgets to tell him about his own list. Poor Duck! Will it be another year of socks and undies for him? Check out this perfect holiday read-aloud to find out!

p.s. The final illustration shows all the animals cheerfully enjoying their gifts from Santa, who has given each of them something they wanted, although not everything they wanted. Thank you, David Milgrim, for ending this charming book in the true spirit of the season -- parents everywhere will appreciate this small yet important detail!

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