Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boogie Knights

Boogie Knights
written by Lisa Wheeler, illustrated by Mark Siegel
A Richard Jackson Book
ISBN 978-0-689-87639-4

Deep down in the collective soul of The Three Silly Chicks there are three disco divas just waiting for the right song. When we saw Boogie Knights on the shelves by one of our favorite author-illustrator teams, we busted into The Hustle right smack dab in the middle of our local indie.

And oh, how this book boogies! It grooves, it moves, it shimmies and shakes! It is all you want from a Lisa Wheeler/Mark Siegel book and then some! We love the perfect rhythm and rhyme, which we've come to expect from all of Lisa Wheeler's books. We also love the names of the Boogie Knights who sleep upstairs in the castle--Sir Veillance, Sir Prize, Sir Loin, Sir Round, Sir Cumference, Sir Ender and Sir Vivor (who is the last one to join the party). It's clear Wheeler has had a lot of fun with her word play, and we, the readers, have fun right along with her.

Mark Siegel has added his own clever touches. He mixes things up stylistically by including both simple line drawings and full color drawings. The result is spunky and fresh with plenty of details to study up close. Observant readers will enjoy following the small, nervous prince and the off-the-wall ghost princess who haunt the pages.

So don your puca shells, platforms, puzzle rings and peasant skirts and boogie down with Boogie Knights! It's Dyno-mite!

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