Monday, May 12, 2008

Mary Had a Little Lamp

Mary Had a Little Lamp
by Jack Lechner, illustrated by Bob Staake
Bloomsbury Books
ISBN: 1599901692

Some kids like cuddly bears. Some like fuzzy blankies. Some like the comfort of a binky. But Mary isn't like other kids. Instead of a bear, a blankie or a binkie, she carts around a lamp.

Mary had a little lamp--
The bendy, gooseneck kind.
And everywhere that Mary went
She dragged the lamp behind.

We love this fresh take on the classic nursery rhyme. What's especially fun about this zippy, silly book is Mary's attitude. This perky little individualist doesn't give a flying fig what others think of her appliance. Her teacher scolds her, the kids tease her and her parents worry. None of this matters to Mary. She simply likes her lamp, and that's that!

When Mary's parents, sure that she has some strange affliction, take her to the doctor, Lechner delivers one of our all time favorite lines:

Their doctor said, "I've never seen
so puzzling a condition.
But lamps are not my specialty
You need an electrician."

Staake's brightly colored illustrations use simple shapes and lines to create a lively, graphic style. Sure to be a favorite at storytimes everywhere--this book will light up your libraries!

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AMP said...

I almost bought this the other day and may still! Very fun book.