Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Come and Play

Come and Play:
Children of Our World Having Fun

Poems by children
Photographs by Magnum Photos
Edited by Ayana Lowe
Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 978-1599902456

We chicks have never had any use for "coffee table" books, given that (a) we can't even find our coffee table, due to the heeps of books we have stacked all over the coop, and (b) the idea of books being used primarily for decoration or pretense tends to ruffle our feathers in the worst way. But gosh darnit, if we could find our coffee table and if we did put just one book on it for show, it might very well be this one.

Come and Play is a gorgeous photo collection of children all over the world having a blast doing what kids do best: playing. Chilean kids hanging from monkey bars. Chinese goobers playing ping pong. Norwegian peanuts building an ice sculpture. Accompanying poems written by elementary students in editor/teacher Ayana Lowe's classes in New York City provide the perfect, child-friendly complement to the luminous photographs.

We dare you to flip through the pages of this book and not feel like planet earth would be a better place if we could all play a good game of freeze tag together, or paddle around the world's shorelines in styrofoam boxes. And we bet you a pint of whoppers that you (and the kids in your life) can't get through this book without a huge smile on your face. Come on, try it. Come and play. You'll be glad you did!


Thora said...

As adults we have to remember to play.Children constantly remind us.

Esme Raji Codell said...

I really enjoy your posts. Thanks for all you do, chicks!!!