Monday, April 14, 2008


by Leslie Helakoski
Illustrated by Lee Harper
ISBN: 978-0060847265

Woolbur was a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow...until, of course, he decided to dye himself a bright, snappy blue:

"You look unbelievable!" said Paa.

"I know," said Woolbur. "Isn't it great?"

"It will never wash out!" said Maa.

"I know, " said Woolbur. "Isn't it great?"

Whether he's carding, spinning, or weaving, Woolbur's uncoventional approach to wool causes his nervous parents to pull their own wool at night, waiting for the day when Woolbur will finally follow the flock. "It's what we sheep do," say Maa and Paa, begging him to change his ways.

But Woolbur's spirited individuality can't be sheared, and before long he has the rest of the flock following him. Woolbur is the perfect yarn to share with kids who dare to be different, as well as those who need a nudge to let their own light shine. Go Woolbur!

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almostgotit said...

Oh, what a fun blog!

My youngest is now 11, but there are still mountains of good books to share with her. One of the best parts is I get to read (or re-read) all these great books, too!

I've just posted a book list on my blog of all the books we've read over the past four years in our mother-daughter book club. It was wonderful to revisit old favorites and discover many new ones, besides. (It's so GREAT having children!)