Tuesday, April 08, 2008

And the Winner is . . .

We have a winner to our contest! Jim, come on down! You're the winner of a copy of Andrea's new book, DOCTOR TED! Please send us an e-mail at Three_silly_chicks@yahoo.com with your snail mail and we'll send it right out for you!

Kara/Jenna, Donna, Tammi, and Kramerchronicle, e-mail us with your addy's, too, and we'll send you a token of our esteem. Or a steamed token. Or a steamed Tolkien!

Thanks to everyone who entered! We enjoyed your videos and jokes!

The Chicks


Wild About Words said...

Thanks so much! You silly chicks totally rock!


Three Silly Chicks said...


Send us your addy at our e-mail so we can send you something silly!

The Chicks
three_silly_chicks@yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...
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