Thursday, January 10, 2008

Henry, The Dog With No Tail

Henry, The Dog With No Tail
Written by Kate Feiffer, Illustrated by Jules Feiffer
Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books
ISBN: 1416916147

What do you get when you combine 2 Feiffers, 1 tail-free dog and one oh-so-cute PUG? Why, a Chick Magnet, of course! You had us at "hello."

In this punny, funny book, Henry, the Australian shepherd, yearns for a tail. After all, his other friends have magnificent tails. Grady's tail is big and black and he "swings it like a baseball bat." Pip, the aforementioned pug, can tie her tail in a bow. And Larry has a tail that sticks straight up. But where does a dog go to find a tail? (Waiting, waiting...) Did you guess? He goes to a tailor. Unfortunately, the tailor creates a tail that cannot wag, so Henry is forced to go to a... (think hard now) wagon maker. The wagon maker can't help Henry with his tail, but he does make him a wagon, which Henry takes to Battery Park in NY. There Henry finds a...(have you caught on yet?) battery, which he attaches to his wagless tail. Soon Henry's tail is wagging so fast he is lifted off the ground. Eek! Will Henry be able to put his days of yearning for a tail behind him?

Such silly, crazy fun! Don't miss this zany tale of a tail!


MotherReader said...

Well, you had me at Feiffer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate ,
I really enjoyed Henry in your book. Please write more book's!