Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Snack Smasher: And Other Reasons Why It's Not My Fault

The Snack Smasher: And Other Reasons Why It's Not My Fault
by Andrea Perry
Illustrated by Alan Snow
Atheneum, 2007
ISBN 0689854692

The Three Silly Chicks are so relieved. We finally understand why we sometimes have bad hair days. No, it's not our hair--it's those awful Scary-Hair-Fairies! We're also relieved to learn that we are not going crazy (contrary to popular belief). There really are Ink Drinkers, thirsty and sly, who sip our ink when we're not looking. And, well, we just knew we didn't snore. It's those dastardly Snorists, of course! The Chicks certainly don't snore.

This zany poetry collection is all about the pesky hobgoblins who create havoc in our lives. We think students will have a great time coming up with their own monsters. What about that big goon who lives in the washing machine and eats our socks? What a pain he is. Or how about the mischievous imp who steals our car keys whenever we're late? That guy needs a name.

We love that this book is out in time for Poetry Month! Funny how that happens.

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Ben!!! said...

HI!! Andrea Beaty..... you recently went to my school in Byron, Il!! I just wanted to say hi!! I am in fourth grade.