Friday, March 30, 2007

A meme!

We've been tagged for a meme by Mother Reader. This actually happened last week, but we were confused.

We thought meme was the sound the Road Runner makes when he sneaks up behind Wiley Coyote causing the Coyote to fly into the air and hit the road just in time to be hit by a truck.


That sound scares us. We are only small chicks (with glasses) and could so easily be crushed by dropping coyotes or coyote droppings.

We were relieved to learn that a meme is a survey, not a funny cartoon noise!

So, we are happy to respond to Mother Reader's very generous invitation and we will now name our favorite NON-kids lit blogs. Our apologies for taking so long!

We love these blogs:

A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette
The Lipstick Librarian (Diary of a library fashionista)
Found Magazine - a journal of odd things found here and there.
Boing Boing - A directory of wonderful things
Writers Almanac - Cause sometimes you need a poem and a little bit of calm
Go Fug Yourself - Bad fashion made snarky

We are supposed to tag others for this Mee-Mee, but we don't want to frighten anyone with our wily sound. So, consider yourself tagged if you are brave. Just leave us a note if you wish to play, and tell us 5 of your favorite non-kidslit blogs!

And speaking of Mother Reader, in today's post, she includes a poem from one of our favorite new books, REACHING FOR SUN by the gloriously talented Tracie Vaughn Zimmer.



Little Willow said...

Reaching for Sun is sweet and full of hope.

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