Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wiggens Learns His Manners at the Four Seasons Restaurant

A Three Silly Chicks' Pick

Wiggens Learns His Manners at the Four Seasons Restaurant
by Leslie McGuirk
and Alex von Bidder

Candlewick press
ISBN: 9780763640149

What is it?
A funny guide to good manners co-authored by the co-owner (Alex von Bidder) of the famous Four Seasons restaurant in New York City. Wiggens, a fictional chocolate Labrador puppy who is a "total rascal" in the manners department, stars in this playful picture book.

What do we love about it?
The great Chi-waa-waa, spiritual advisor to Wiggens' parents, and Saint Bernard, the Emily Post-like guru who teaches young pups how to behave at the Four Seasons, won our dog-loving hearts. We also loved the thought bubbles above the puppies-in-training as they nervously surveyed the weird foods served (sea urchin, escargot, frog legs, oh my!).

What does it remind us of?
It reminds us that we are very hungry. Also, that we have never been invited to the Four Seasons restaurant even though our manners are im-peck-able!

What is it perfect for?
Wayward puppies and obedience school drop-outs. Also, parents with kids who could use some fun lessons in restaurant manners.

What do we say about it?
This is the perfect book for dog-loving gourmands. Also, anyone know where can we get a flying carpet with an outboard motor like the great Chi-waa-waa's?

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Peaceful Reader said...

I've heard great things about this book already and your post confirms it. It is on my order for Titlewave now!