Thursday, October 01, 2009

It's Self-Promotion Month!

Let's all celebrate by doing the braggy pants dance! Is there something you'd like to promote today? A new book, blog, website or hairstyle?

If so, say it LOUD and say it PROUD, Peeps! We'd love to hear about it!


Esme Raji Codell said...

Sounds the alarm...or the school bell! I have a new blog for first year teachers with a children's lit focus. Hopefully, this site will help fortify newbies to keep a sense of humor, so they can keep on sharing the great titles you chicks recommend.

Thanks, and happy fall!

Cristiana C. said...

Well... I'm a bit embarrassed but then I asked myself: "Why not?"... so here I am to promote my almost newborn blog (opened June 19th)! My blog is in 3 languages, I actually have 3 separate pages. My purpose is to give news regarding events, new releases, interesting books from US to Europe and vice versa. I shall soon be opening two new sections I am still working on... THANK YOU for giving me some space! I hope you'll forgive eventual mistakes as English is not my mother tongue!
Ops... here it is:

Lori Calabrese said...

My first picture book will be published next year by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. titled, THE BUG THAT PLAGUED THE ENTIRE THIRD GRADE. Ignoring his runny nose and worsening cold, Matt's singled-minded pursuit of a rare bug wreaks havoc on his school, his teachers, and his classmates.

It was a lot of fun to write and hopefully will be the first of many more! ;)

Thanks for letting me share!

Lori Calabrese

Three Silly Chicks said...

Oooo, two new blogs and a book! How uberly fun! We can't wait to read them all--thanks for sharing!

Barb Rosenstock said...

After much thought and procrastination...
Ta-da! I have a new blog up called The Almost Author. My first picture book will be published by Dutton exactly a year from now, so the blog chronicles that journey before publication...check it out at

Thanks for letting us crow (or peep?)