Thursday, September 10, 2009

Firefighter Ted

Firefighter Ted
by Andrea Beaty
Illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre
Margaret K. McElderry
Ages 4-8

ISBN: 978-141692829

At last, it's here! The sequel to Doctor Ted is out! Oh Ted is back an you know what that means. Fun! And trouble. But mostly FUN!!! Here's what happens . . .

One morning, Ted wakes up, sniffs the air and smells burnt toast. He needs a firefighter. Ted looks everywhere, but since firefighters are scarce in Ted's room, he becomes one.

Equipped with a can of whip-cream & and fish tank hose, Ted creates a fire extinguisher and saves his mother from a toast disaster in the making! "Remember," says Firefighter Ted, "Only you can prevent breakfast fires."

Those are words to live by!

Firefighter Ted braves a hot sidewalk to rescue a kitten, two puppies and three tricycles. His bravery leaves the crowd speechless.

At school, Firefighter Ted is a true hero. He rescues Principal Bigham and saves the school from a host of dangers lurking at the science fair.

We won't say what happens, but it does involve a magnifying glass, a pair of scissors and underwear with hearts on them. 'Nuff said.


Peaceful Reader said...

We loved Doctor Ted at our house-thanks for the update-we'll have to find F.F. Ted!!

Sirlena said...

thank for giving my family "Firefighter Ted" At the 57th Street children's book Fair. We love it. It is a fun book. We look forward to reading more about Ted.
Thank You
The Norris Family

Andrea Beaty said...

Dear Peaceful Reader!
Thank you!!! so glad to meet fans of Ted. Hope you enjoy Firefighter!

Andrea Beaty said...

Hi Sirlena!
So nice to meet you at the 57th Street Children's Book Fair. I hope you will thank the wonderful people at 57th Street Books in Chicago who purchased and distributed copies of books by me, Carolyn, and Julia. Just another example of the utterly amazing work that independent booksellers do. This was an act of kindness from a bookstore that is passionate about good books for kids! I was astounded by their generosity and encourage everyone to go shop at this wonderful store! (Or their local Independent bookseller if they do not live in Chicago!) Hurray 57th Street Books and Go Indies!!!!!
Hope you had fun and enjoy Firefighter Ted!
All my best,

Dan Evans said...

Am I the only one who finds Ted's to be delusional and somewhat sociopathic? I read the book, and found the behavior of the child to be deeply disturbing as he goes around assaulting people, vandalizing personal property, and expecting to be praised for "saving" people from his own delusions.