Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bea Rocks the Flock

Bea Rocks the Flock
by Victoria Jamieson
Bloomsbury USA
ISBN: 978-1599902609

Poor Bea has a problem. And although she is a sheep, we chicks can totally relate. You see, Bea doesn't want to be like the other sheep. She wants to bleach her hair and wear black leather jumpsuits and be a rock star like Blondie. Oh wait. Nevermind. That's our dream, not Bea's. But still, Bea just wants to do her own thing and show her true colors, which are anything but white. As you might imagine, this doesn't go down well with the rest of the flock. Not one bit. So Bea packs her bags and heads for the big city, where she delights in the diversity of the crowd. "Great clanging cowbells!" she exclaims. "This is where I belong!"

...Or does she? Will Bea become a city girl forever or will she start to miss her flock? Check out this delightful book by the ultra-talented Victoria Jamieson to find out how Bea eventually resolves her identity crisis. A must-read for creative chicks and sheep everywhere who wonder if they'll ever fit in.

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