Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Cow that was the Best Moo-ther

The Cow that was the Best Moo-ther
by Andy Cutbill
illustrated by Russel Ayto
Random House

ISBN-13: 978-0061664724
Daisy is a special cow. A VERY special cow. At least to her mother, Marjorie. Since the day Daisy hatched from an egg, she has been the apple of her mother's eye. And what's not to love? She's feathery, funky and fun-loving. The perfect bovine!

Of course the other cows are quick to point out that Daisy hasn't even started chewing her cud and she is suspiciously small for a cow. None of that matters to Marjorie. She loves Daisy with all her heart and is determined that Daisy win the Beautiful Baby contest in the barnyard. Daisy, however, is far too busy bouncing around with the chickens to care about the contest. Luckily, Daisy's true talents shine through when she spies a worm on the judge's hat and saves the contest from calamaty.

Of course, Marjorie isn't the only one to love Daisy. We know Three Silly Chicks who fell in love with the crazy little cow from the start. We said it then and we'll say it again: Silly, Sweet and Succinct. What more could we want in a picture book?

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