Monday, December 08, 2008

Honorary Silly Chicks - Jo Knowles and the Mystery Pirate!

We know a great many silly people. And a great number of kind ones. And don't you know it? They are the same people! Such is the case with our lovely friend (and faboo YA author) Jo Knowles.

Jo always gives freely of her time and energy and talents to help others. We were not surprised when Jo and her friend, the Mystery Pirate, bought 2 flocks of chicks. They are in honor of Mystery Pirate's grandparents which is very, very cool!

The Mystery Pirate is also very generous and has shared his recipe for a great snack. One that we shall enjoy with them in the Coop!

His favorite book is Harry Potter and he possesses the mad skill of doing belly rolls! We possess mad bellies and enjoy rolls, but do not possess the talent of doing belly rolls. Perhaps one day you can teach us!

Thanks Mystery Pirate and Jo "Mad Hatter" Knowles! You rock!

Chocolate-covered pretzels with your favorite sprinkles.

All you have to do is melt some chocolate chips, then dip pretzel sticks in the chocolate. Then when the chocolate starts to get hard, dip it in your favorite type of sprinkles, like red sprinkles, colored dots, or chocolate sprinkles. Then you put the sticks in the refrigerator until the chocolate gets hard. Or you can eat it fresh. It's really good.

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