Sunday, November 30, 2008

Honorary Silly Chick - Corey Schwartz!

Hurray for Corey Schwartz! She's an Honorary Silly Chick! Thank you, Corey, for helping others through your gift to Heifer International.

Corey is a children's book author and blogger at Thing1 and Thing2. Corey’s mad skill is not breathing very much which is very handy when scuba diving. Corey can dive for over an hour and still come up with over 2000 lbs of air in her tank which is a lot. Her favorite kids' book is Knuffle Bunny. (What's not to love about Mo Willems?) While Corey's favorite food is Thai chicken pizza she is very thoughtfully leaving it at home and bringing some watermelon for us to share at the Coop. She's lovely, generous, talented AND has watermelon! What a Silly Chick!

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