Thursday, September 25, 2008


Written and illustrated by Melanie Watt
Kids Can Press
ISBN 1554531403

Confession time. The book Chester by Melanie Watt, one of our favorite author-illustrators, is actually a 2007 book.

We know! We are so bad! How could we have missed this perfect picture book? Were we punchy from too much bean dip? It's entirely possible. Please don't hold it against us. If it really bugs you, well, just pretend it's a 2008 book.

The mouse in this book (called simply "mouse") keeps trying to tell his story, but the pushy-yet-lovable cat Chester will not stop interrupting. He barges in with his red marker and crosses everything out the poor mouse writes. Mouse tries scaring Chester away with a big dog, but it's no use. Finally the author takes matters into her own hands. Her clever plan to put Chester in his place involves a tutu and a tiara. But will that really keep the pesky Chester away?

Every inch of this book is a pleasure, from the "place award sticker here" space on the cover to the biography of Chester himself on the back flap. We love how the author has played with the boundaries of a book to come up with something truly original and funny, even if it is a 2007 book.

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tammi said...

Well, you're just in time for the sequel--CHESTER'S BACK!