Monday, February 11, 2008

Ma, There's Nothing To Do Here! A Word From Your Baby-in-Waiting

Ma, There's Nothing To Do Here! A Word From Your Baby-in-Waiting
written by Barbara Park
illustrated by Viviana Garofoli
Random House
ISBN 0375838521

Have we mentioned lately how much we adore Barbara Park? Or how we sometimes daydream about having tea with her at the Drake Hotel? And how in this daydream Barbara (or "Babs" as we like to call her) says things like, "Oh, you're so funny, you chicks!" and then we say, "Oh, no Babs, you're the funny one!" and then we all do a group hug and Babs pays the tab?

You mean we haven't mentioned that? Oh, well, we do it all the time. So of course we were delighted when we saw that our BFF had a new picture book out, which is filled with nonstop giggles and grins. The young protagonist in this book is a baby in utero. The poor thing is, quite simply, bored out of his gourd. After all, what's a guy (or girl, the text doesn't say which) to do in "a womb with no view?"

I'm all in a heap here.
My feet are asleep here.
I'm flat out of space.
I've got knees in my face.
And I'm totally bored with this dumb bungee cord...

Can you say absolutely perfect baby shower gift? We thought you could. We also think it's a wonderful book to share with the older brother or sister who is waiting for the big event. They might even be inspired to create their own book after looking at Viviana Garofoli's lively illustrations.

Oh, and Babs, if you're reading this, please, don't worry. If we ever have tea at The Drake we will totally pick up the tab.

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