Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Waltur Paints Himself Into a Corner

Waltur Paints Himself Into a Corner and Other Stories
by Barbara Gregorich
illustrated by Kristin Sorra
Houghton Mifflin
ISBN-13: 978-0618747962

Looking for those ever-elusive early chapter books that are sweet, funny and educational all at the same time? Have we got a delicious duo of books for you. In Waltur Buys a Pig in a Poke and Waltur Paints Himself Into a Corner, Gregorich and Sorra present a trio of friends - Waltur, Matilda, and Darwin - whose humorous exploits serve to illustrate the meaning of popular idioms, such as "putting the cart before the horse" and "letting sleeping dogs lie."

Our favorite escapade involves Waltur painting the floor and trying so hard not to "paint himself into a corner" that he winds up painting himself into the middle of the room instead. Believe us, we three chicks have done that any number of times, so we can relate to Waltur's predicament. Fortunately, we and Waltur are lucky enough to have good friends to help us out whenever we goof up. And that's the true heart of these stories: the power of friendship. Hands down the best thing since sliced bread! (Idiom intended.)

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