Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Beauty and the Beaks

Beauty and the Beaks - A Turkey's Cautionary Tale
MJ and Herm Auch
Holiday House, Inc.
ISBN-13: 9780823419906

This is a public service announcement to all our fine, feathered friends. Thanksgiving is coming! And you know what that means . . .

It's that time of year, once more, when tables across the land will be heaped high with dishes of mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, green bean casseroles, stuffing, and you-know-what.

Let's face it. If you are a turkey, this time of year, your goose is cooked. Especially if you are a conceited, braggart of a turkey like Lance in the new picture book BEAUTY AND THE BEAKS by MJ and Herm Auch.

Lance hasn't quite figured out that he is THE guest of honor for the Thanksgiving feast. When Beauty, the flying hen who runs the Chic Hen beauty parlor, informs lance that he's going to be stuffed with chestnuts at the feast, he responds, "Chestnuts? Yum!" (It seems that Lance is one egg short of an omelette, if you know what we mean.)

With determination, a new wardrobe, a complete facial, and a heavy-duty pair of tweezers, Beauty and company help Lance discover his inner chicken and survive the season.

This is a very funny (and punny) book full of great characters and amazing illustrations. Using hand-crafted chicken mannequins created from felt wool, yarn, polymer clay, and talent, MJ & Herm create and photograph a cast of fun and funky chickens and one fabulously freaked-out turkey.

This cautionary tale is a great story for any turkey wondering, "Wattle I do?" when Thanksgiving rolls around. Oh, and it's great for kids and their grown-ups too!

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