Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Bird-Day, Andrea!

5 Things You Should Know about Andrea Beaty

1. Andrea's birthday was actually 10 days ago.

2. Andrea shares this coop with Carolyn and Julia, two chicks prone to random bouts of procrastination, sloth, flu, fluff-head, bed-head, weak knees, loose feathers, technical difficulties, hiccups and forgetfulness (see #1). Andrea pretends not to notice these things about them.

3. That is why we love her.

4. We also love her because she is the A#1 chick who makes things happen here in the coop with her boundless creativity and wit and egg-stra large brain.

5. As if that weren't enough - BONUS! - she writes fabulously fun books like Iggy Peck, Architect, When Giants Come to Play and many more to come!

We hope you'll join us in wishing her good books, good times, and much good cheer in the year ahead...

Happy Bird-Day, dear A!


Andrea Beaty said...

Aw Shucks!!! You so sweet!!!! ^-^

Thank you Chickies! ^.^

All this love is making my big brain swell! Must take nap!!!!

Love you guys!

Andrea Chickie

Lisa Yee said...

Happy (belated) B-Day!!!!

Jo Knowles said...

Happy birthday, Miss A! I bought Iggy yesterday at my favorite bookstore. Then shared it with all the people at my lunch table. :-)


Many returns of the day!


Bkbuds said...

A belated birthday gift:

Anne Levy

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Andrea
♪and many♪more♪♪-think baritone-
Sorry I’m late . . . but most of that is totally the fault of those other chicks ;o( Shame on you. Poor Andrea has been forced to drag out the birthday and the cake and the ice cream and the 'I can’t do that it’s my birthday' for days and it’s all your fault. Anyway Andrea you can depend on me. I promise to eat some chocolate in your honor today. Maybe I should even eat some for all the days I’ve missed since your actual birthday. Its so hard being a good friend . . . but you’re worth it.
Mary S.

jules said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Andrea!! So glad I got to meet you in Chicago.

Elaine Magliaro said...


Happy Bird-day to You! I wish I could have met you in Chick-ago like Jules!