Thursday, June 07, 2007

Who Is Driving?

Who Is Driving?
by Leo Timmers
Bloomsbury USA
ISBN: 978-1599900216

Who is driving? With gas prices these days, it's high time for the pogo stick to make a comeback. But sometimes a chick needs her wheels, and it's no different for the parade of critters in this green gem of a book.

Timmers' guessing game format is delightfully simple and sweet. On the left hand page are four different animals decked out in various attire -- for example, alligator in a red leather biker suit, cat in a Jackie O. ensemble, mole in a mail carrier uniform, mouse in blue jeans -- all with their car keys out and at the ready. On the right hand page is a vehicle. Who is driving...the fancy car? Observant and traditionally-schooled youngsters will correctly guess the fancy-clad Cat, of course. Other young deviants may ask why the leather-clad alligator wouldn't just eat the other animals and hijack the ride for himself. (We recommend boarding school for such children.) Either way, this book is an excellent read aloud, with plenty of visual humor to sustain interest over repeated readings. Who Is Driving? is one sweet ride!

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