Monday, May 07, 2007

Not A Box

Not a Box
by Antoinette Portis
ISBN: 978-0061123221

Just look at the bunny on the cover of this book. If you think he's (she's?) cute now, just wait until you peek inside.

This is one of those concept books that's so simple it's genius. Here's how it goes:

1. Our intrepid hero (aforementioned bunny) does various things with a box.

2. An offstage interrogator keeps asking him questions, i.e.: Why are you sitting in a box? Why are you doing on top of that box? Now you're wearing a box?

3. To which our hero replies, with increasing exasperation: It's NOT a box!

4. Turn the page and the next illustration reveals the scene playing out in bunny's head: bunny in a race car, bunny on Rabbit Peak, bunny-robot, etc.

Classic kid stuff and absolutely brilliant.

The tall chick has road-tested this book with a variety of kids in small and large group settings and it's been a HUGE hit wherever she goes, especially at the end when she puts a box on her head and asks the audience what's inside. Highly recommended!


Beckyb said...

YES, YES, YES - TOTALLY AGREE!!! I used it in storytime and the kids LOVED it!!! Great review!

dink said...

:-D The cover illustration is darling! Another for my list.

A box on the head of "the tall chick" makes me laugh (without even witnessing it) hahahahahahaha